Nevermind the Buzzcocks Returns!

by Chris Balding

Nevermind the Buzzcocks was last seen on our screen 6 years ago, but now Sky have revived the show hoping it will be loved by fans new and old alike.

If you’re not familiar with the show which previously aired on BBC 2 – it is a quiz show that is based around music and pop culture. It may sound like a standard quiz show but Nevermind the Buzzcocks was far from ordinary, instead of worshipping the ground the celebrity guest walked on, they would be in for ridicule. One of the most iconic moments from the show came from the lead singer for the Ordinary Boys, Preston who walked off the show after being ridiculed by the host, Simon Amstell.

After being first aired in 1996 and with more than 265 episodes, the BBC cancelled the show in it’s peak, with the reason being that they wanted to create space for new entertainment formats in the future. Reading between the lines it was at a time that the BBC needed to be more PC and it is safe to say that Never Mind The Buzzcocks never played it safe and paid the price.

Greg Davies now hosts the show along with team captains Daisy May Cooper and Noel Fielding and the format somewhat remains the same featuring the intros round, identity parade and next lines. If you have never seen the show before we’ll give you a quick breakdown. 

The intros round is the team captain and one of the guests on one team attempt to sing two introductions from a song and the other team member has to guess the song.

The Identity parade round is when teams have to guess who is the famous artist out of a lineup of people.

Normally featured at the end of the show, the next lines round is where the host will read a line of a song and one of the team members must quote the next line. It’s a quick fire round and being at the end of the show the team who are losing can make up a lot of points meaning it’s all to play for.

Let’s hope Sky can do the show justice and Greg Davies can steer the ship, but with his comedic skills especially on his show Taskmaster we’re sure the new series of Nevermind The Buzzcocks will be worth a watch.

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