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Music / April 3, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

We were lucky enough to chat with Jonny Brown, lead-singer of Manchester legends, Twisted Wheel. We’ve always been a fan of their music – the lyrics are real, their sound is electric and you can’t help but let yourself go to their tracks. We saw these guys support Liam Gallagher last summer shortly after they reformed and we knew instantly they still had something very special. Since then we’ve been in contact with Jonny and now, thanks to his efforts, we’ve pulled together this belting Q&A for you.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came together as a band

Twisted Wheel first kicked things off in 2007 – from then we gigged continuously for six months earning a massive following in Manchester, soon attracting a lot of media attention. Within 12 months we had six record deals offered to us. We chose to go with Columbia records. It wasn’t long before we were on full UK tours of our own and with other bands such as Kasabian, Happy Monday’s, Paul Weller and many more. We went to Hollywood and recorded our debut with Dave Sardy. He’s big time. Really, we just wanted a Holiday in the States! We continued to tour with more bands until splitting up in 2012. I reformed the band with new members and we made a 2nd record.  Not long after, we crashed big time through excess binge drinking and so on. Without going on too long I properly got the band back together early 2018, and we have been smashing doors down since. It’s tough but we’ve got the tunes coming and our old stuff has kept us respected and somewhat popular.

We saw you perform at Liam Gallagher’s Manchester gig in the summer, which was an incredible show. We know you supported Oasis back in 2009, how did the opportunity come about to support Liam Gallagher 9 years later?

Thanks. I thought I’d contact Liam once I had sorted myself and the band out. He was more than happy to get us a few massive shows with him. We were over the moon and it was a complete honour to be part of Liam’s new solo career in a way. He’s always been good to us and he’s a fan of mine and the band. 

Obviously, you guys have been making music for a number of years now, starting out in 2007. What triggered your comeback?

I kind of answered this question earlier but I dabbled in other careers and also had a good go at hardcore drug addiction without meaning to – of course. Luckily I realised I had some talent and could use it. I think the world needs us as well at the moment so there was no choice but to get things going again.

Looking back at Twisted Wheel first time around what are your biggest highlights?

Playing That’s Entertainment with Paul Weller at Silverstone race track. And supporting Oasis on a UK and European tour, of course. 

We’ve seen you’re headlining Y Not festival this summer (can’t wait to see you guys there) What are you most looking forward to out of the weekend?

I’m looking forward to the new bands firstly. There’s some great up and coming talent at Y Not this year but I have to say who wouldn’t want to see The Damned, Echo & The Bunny Men, Miles Kane and Gerry Cinnamon? Also, I’ll be saying hello to my good friends from the Happy Monday’s and lastly Fountains DC. I’ve probably missed some off here but that’s the way it goes when a line up is as mighty as this one.

What else can we look forward to from you guys this year?

We start our UK, Ireland and European tour in May. New single’s around the same time and an album in October so yes loads of good stuff. 

Will you be attending any festivals this summer for fun?

No I’ve done all that now. I just go to play and enjoy my time while I’m there. If I get a break you’ll find me on a deck chair on the beach in Mallorca. 

What were your biggest highlights from 2018?

Supporting Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park and Old Trafford for sure. But also releasing our EP as that was a milestone for a comeback, and generally working hard as possible to make this year even more of a success than the last.

What is the best thing about being Twisted Wheel?

Still being appreciated, if not more than the first time round. Being respected by the greats such as Shaun Ryder, Paul Weller, Noel and Liam, Clint Boon and more.

What advice would you give someone trying to break it into the music industry? 

Work as hard as you possibly can. Don’t let everyday life distractions stop you. Stay away from hard drugs and generally be positive. Listen to your piers and people in the know.

And finally, tell us something not many people know about you…

My middle name is Kevin. I once eat a slug. I’m now a changed man. God bless X 

Check out their sound. Keep your eye out too, their latest single Nomad Hat is dropping very soon!

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