Live Music and Football on The Big Screen. Euro 2020 Football Fest with This Feeling: The Group Stage Highlights

by Johanna Roelich

The UEFA European Championship kicked off earlier this month and now we’re into the round of 16. It’s been a cracking couple of weeks of football with some unexpected twists along the way and enough action to keep us on the edge of our seats!

Here at scotts, we decided to make the Euro 2020 competition, a whole lot more exciting; we threw in some live music to run alongside the UK team fixtures. Just when you thought June couldn’t get any better, with the return of football and seeing fans take their seats at stadiums once again, but we also welcomed back live music – something that has been incredibly missed by millions.

Football Fest is a free event (accepting a minimum donation of £2 that goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust) with live music before showing every UK team fixture on the big screen at The Bread Shed in Manchester.

Here’s what went down over the group stages of the tournament at Football Fest.

Day one saw the incredibly talented Megan Wyn supported one of our favourite brands, Trampolene to back their country; Wales, in their first official match of the euros. The emotions were high as Trampolene took to the stage with an incredibly energetic and beautiful performance, and front man Jack expressed his huge gratitude for playing live in front of a crowd once again. You have to remember, these artists hadn’t performed their music in front of a live audience in a year and a half, which is torture for these guys. The night was buzzing to say the least!

Day two we were lucky enough to have Serotones support The Lottery Winners for England’s first game, and the atmosphere was booming, as expected! Day two on the trot all tables were filled, smiles all round, people enjoying the electric sound of much missed live music, then of course, a decent start to the euros for England.

Following on the first week filled with successes on and off the pitch at The Bread Shed, we hosted our first Scottish game, inviting down the legendary Kyle Falconer and rising stars Shambolics. Scotland may not have made the scoreboard that night, but there was much to sing and shout about at The Bread Shed. Kyle Falconer performed some classic tracks from his days in The View which were more than welcomed by the crowd, and of course some of his new solo work.

The remaining three UK games of the group stage at The Bread Shed saw no less enthusiasm to the previous ones. The tables were filled with riled up people with pints on the go, all waiting vigorously for the live music and the match to begin..

The next three events saw the likes of welsh superstars Himalayas (one of the best live performers I’ve seen to date) who were supported by the wonderful funky daydream-pop band, Nikki and The Waves. The vocals and the unique sound adding to Himalayas lively performance and impeccable vocals from both lead singer and backing vocals, made this night one to remember, for sure! Wales lost that day though…

Followed by that, England took on Czech Republic, and won the game. The atmosphere was booming, both for the anticipation of the football and of course, the incredibly talented musicians we had lined up. Liverpool singer Zuzu (who recently played at Sefton Park in Liverpool – the first festival to take place since the covid restrictions) took to the stage with a powerful performance. She was supported by Manchester band Garden Party (their first gig as a band, ever – and an incredible debut) and they put on an incredible show for a packed out (socially distanced) crowd.

The following night, Rolla took the place of one of our well-known bands, The Royston Club, due to unfortunate circumstances. Rolla are new to scotts, so the anticipation was on another level for us, and they did not disappoint! The crowd loved them as much as we did! Rolla have a lively and rock’n’roll style that you want to witness in a venue like The Bread Shed. A lot more to see from this four-piece.

They were supporting the incredible Cobain Jones. If you haven’t heard of Cobain, all you need to know if you need to listen to this guys music.

The finale of the group stages (maybe, in many eyes, the finale of England) and we had a cracker – just in case. Our good friends the RATS put on an incredible performance, obviously, when the supported none other than 90’s legends, The Lightning Seeds. It was a unforgettable night, tickets ‘sold’ out within seconds, and you could see the enthusiasm in the audiences faces, witnessing a group of famouses taking the stage in a recently saved Manchester music venue. They finished with the obvious – the track everyone came there to see, ‘Three Lions’, and the entire venue went crazy. Must admit, if that was England’s final game, it would’ve been the finest end to a tournament… But England went on to win the game and moved on to the Final 16. What a way to end the Group Stages?!

We had a few famous faces on the final night of the group stages, seeing the likes of Blossoms, This Is England star Thomas Turgoose, Twisted Wheel’s Jonny Brown, Dr Who’s Christopher Eccleston and maybe more. It was a night to remember… And hopefully England make it through the next stage to provide more of us with these eventful and unforgettable nights.

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