Liam Gallagher’s Most Iconic Moments

Take The Stage / April 6, 2020
by Olivia Mannix

BIBLICAL. GODLIKE. Make way for King LG. Rising to fame as the frontman of Oasis, Liam Gallagher is a Rock ‘n’ Roll star, who is beyond musically talented, a comic genius and all-round top geezer. He has had some pretty iconic moments throughout his 30 odd years in the business, so this week we will be rounding up some of the best…

When he compared himself to Forrest Gump

Ever wondered how Liam Gallagher keeps himself busy in his spare time? Well, in an interview with Radio X’s Chris Moyles, LG was asked about his love for running. He said he is always running and that it helps him to organise his thoughts. He can run a fair distance and went on to say “I’m like Forrest Gump, but cooler looking”. Fair enough Liam, we get you.

When he performed at the One Love Manchester concert 

One Love was a benefit concert, held live on British television in response to the devastating bomb attack after Arianna Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena. Liam Gallagher appeared for a surprise performance and truly united a nation in solidarity. He bought the house down as he sang some of his biggest tunes; Live Forever, Rock ‘n’ Roll Star and more. What a legend.

When he ripped into Blur during Oasis’ Brit Award acceptance speech

Back in 1996, Liam Gallagher bounded onto the stage at the Brits, with a mischievous look in his eye. Oasis had won the award for the ‘Best British Group’ and LG couldn’t help but give their rival band, Blur, a good old dig. He went on to thank ‘all the people’ and sing his own (alternative) rendition of ‘Parklife’…

When he recorded ‘Champagne Supernova’ in one take

An anthemic track from Oasis is ‘Champagne Supernova’. You play it when you’re happy, you play it when you’re sad – whatever the mood, this song is still relevant. There are very few artists that can nail a recording in one take, but Liam Gallagher smashed his lead vocal for this legendary tune in just one go. Now that takes skill!

When he ranted about the modern world whilst making a cup of tea

It’s scientifically proven that a cup of tea is good for the voice… or so some might say. Whilst making a brew, we saw Liam Gallagher rant about how no one buys records these days. Instead, they continue to download them for free. It’s frustrating, we feel ya’ LG. At least we know he can make a good cup of tea.

When he complained about going to the pub for just ‘one’

There is nothing more annoying when you are being good, feeling a bit skint or generally, just don’t fancy the pub and then your mate goes “Oh go on, just come for one”. We once saw Liam rant about this, questioning who goes to the pub and actually has just one drink? He went on to say it’s more like ‘one hundred’ or at least ‘ten’. His rock and roll lifestyle has definitely turned him into a heavyweight.

When he tried an alternative way to preserve his milk

A famous story from Noel is about how Liam completely got the wrong end of the stick. Noel said “We were round at his house one night and Liam said, ‘Why have you got a fork in that bottle of champagne?’ I replied, ‘Cos it keeps the bubbles, keeps it fresh”….. “A few weeks later we were round his house and opened the fridge door and there was a spoon in a bottle of milk.” Don’t worry Liam, anyone could’ve made the same mistake…

When he fell out with Idris Elba

When Elba first met LG, he ‘accidentally’ touched his hair and of course, Liam didn’t like it. The star responded by grabbing Idris Elba’s hat and launching it across the bar. They fell out for a grand total of 10 minutes and seem to be good pals these days. Looks like Elba made a lucky escape.

When he got Twitter

One of the highlights of our day is seeing what LG has to say on Twitter. From potatoes to Oasis reunions, to daily rants – we’ve seen it all. His tweets are both bizarre and hilarious, and the artist commented saying “I only use my Twitter as a weapon or to say thanks to people or if people are getting a bit fresh. Instead of waiting six months to do an interview, put them into place, do it on Twitter.” So keep your eyes peeled for the signature ‘LG x’ – we can’t wait to see what he has to say next.

When he gave away free gig tickets to a group of young fans

Whilst on his travels around Dublin, LG spotted some fans on the side of the road. When realising they were all pretty much wearing Pretty Green and holding a load of merch, he pulled over for a chat. He signed their merch and gave them free tickets to his gig that night. Dreams can come true – what a guy! 

The legend that is Liam Gallagher has had some pretty iconic moments throughout his career. What are some of your favourite LG memories?

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