Kickers: Roots born from denim

Fashion / December 19, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

The beat of a drum enters across a liquefied purple desert followed closely by one of the most famous guitar riffs the UK has ever known. Within moments you find yourself toe tapping along in absolute awe as Ian Brown jerks along singing. The twang of Fools Gold by the Stone Roses is so infectious it has its own special place in the pantheon of British music. A few of the more eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that Brown is wearing a pair of Kicker boots in the video. With Kickers arriving online at scotts this week, it only seems right to dig out a few other music icons who are fond of the brands famous boots.

Mike Skinner: Birmingham’s very own garage bard Mike Skinner has been known to rock a pair of Kickers in his time. The man responsible for Original Pirate Material and a host of other genre bending albums was most famously seen in a pair while performing at Glastonbury in 2009.

Roger Daltrey: The Who’s lively frontman Roger Daltrey was often seen sporting a white pair of Kicker boots while performing. He was even asked to feature in a promotional campaign for the brand in the seventies.

Rod Stewart: Another seventies heartthrob who was fond of the brand was Rod Stewart. The Maggie May singer was known to rock the iconic red boots.

Jarvis Cocker: Pulps enthralling leader Jarvis Cocker was known in the nineties for his at times rather un-rock’n’roll stylings. Preferring a tweed blazer to leather jackets he was also a big fan of Kickers boots.

Rodney P: As one of UK hip hops early innovators Rodney P deserves an immense level of respect. His London Posse paved the way for many kids from London’s estates to become international stars. He also influenced what rappers looked like in the UK. Adopting Kickers into his look he began a new street level movement for the brand.


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