Introducing MA.STRUM: Technical Gear With a Fashion Forward Edge

Fashion / February 7, 2018
by Stephanie Webster

New this season at scotts we’ve introduced a few new brands to our roster. One we’re particularly excited to bring to your attention is MA.STRUM.

The guys over at MA.STRUM began making gear in 2008 in partnership with the iconic Massimo Osti archive, so it’s got some clout behind it as well as some pretty amazing influences. These days, the brand remains proudly independent and we’re lucky enough to be able to have them on our shelves.

Their mantra is all about innovation, whether that’s in the design stages or the lengthy fabric development phase, and trust us, a lot of time goes in to each and every item. The result is impressive! Their clothes look like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

Here at scotts we can boast a selection of their jackets, t-shirts, sweats and a few other bits and pieces. The highlights of the collection include the Atlas Flash Jacket which features an incredible rubber laminate fabric, creating an iridescent effect similar to early Italian casualwear pieces. We’ve also got the Eagle long sleeved overshirt which is a simple, but stylish, layering item, perfect for slapping over a light layer or under a heavier jacket. There’s plenty more to feast your eyes on too! Get to know guys, it’s good stuff.

View the MA.STRUM collection here

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