Want It Need It: Introducing Baby Strange

Music / September 14, 2016
by Scotts Blog

Baby Strange have been in our ears and hearts since 2014. The Scottish trio are made up of McCann brothers Connaire and Aiden with frontman Johnny Madden leading the charge.

Hailing from Glasgow, Baby Strange are a band inspired by their surroundings and their country’s shortcomings. Curating music of escape and endurance, theirs is the punk fuelled indie rock that has to be executed perfectly to reach authentic heights.

Authentic is what their music is – major radio has seen no end to its commercialised, indie by numbers, rock, and it’s time for something genuine. The boys have always had a strong sense of self – their songs have always had to represent them personally – but each track is ready for you and me on any club dance floors brave enough to play it.

If ever we’ve thrown our hands up and asked for something new to dance to, then now Baby Strange can be the answer. Theirs are hits with purpose, hits with sweat and most importantly, hits with jump-around excitement and rolling choruses.

You’ll only find true love with a band that can make you brim with anger as well as beam with happiness. Baby Strange is that band.

They’ve just released their debut full-length record, Want It Need It, and it’s a must listen. Find the album in full below as well our interview with Johnny about all things Baby Strange.

Baby Strange, you’ve been in our headphones for a long time now but for those who don’t know who you are… who are you? Can you tell us a bit about the music you make?

Johnny Madden, Aidan McCann and Connaire McCann. The songs we make are energetic, loud, some fast, some slow.

You hail from Glasgow, a strong musical city. Is there anything about the city that inspires your music, and is ‘Club Sabbath’, the club night you run, your way of bringing the city together?

The people in Glasgow inspire us. I do think our club night has brought a lot of people together, it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve met so many new friends since we started it.

You’ve become pretty close and toured with bands such as Slaves and Palma Violets. What lessons have you learned from them that you now take on your own headline tours?

The tour with Palmas was our first ever tour so we learned how to handle a big crowd. Both of those bands treated us very well on tour, we’ve taken that to our headline tours. Don’t be a d**k to support bands.

You’ve just announced your debut album, Want It Need It – how does it feel to finally put your years of work into one collection of songs? Do you have a favourite track from the record?

It’s a great feeling. We can’t wait for people to hear it. My favourite track on the record is ‘Nude’.

Where can we see Baby Strange in action next?

On our UK tour in September!

16/09 Buskers, Dundee
17/09 PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline
18/09 Electric Circus, Edinburgh
22/09 Mad Hatters, Inverness
23/09 The Tunnels, Aberdeen
24/09 Warehouse, Falkirk
28/09 Camden Assembly, London
30/09 Sound Control, Manchester
01/10 Jumping Jacks, Newcastle
16/12 O2 ABC, Glasgow

Listen to Baby Strange’s new album, Want It Need It, in full below:

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