adidas Originals bring the heat for St. Patrick’s Day

Fashion / February 26, 2019
by Aidan Jenner

Of all the patron saints’ days we reckon you’d all agree St Patricks day is the best. The Irish really do know how to party which means the day has gathered a solid reputation for being a good laugh. And on that note the good news is that St Paddy’s is coming up on March the 17th so grab yourself some green garb and get ready to sink a few pints of Guinness. Actually scrap that because you can do better with a pair of adidas Originals’ new St Patricks day Handball Spezials.

The good guys over at adidas have taken their classic Handball Spezial silhouette and spruced it up, Ireland style with two new colourways.

The first is about as Irish as it gets. A plush suede upper is set distinctively in green while the accenting comes in a bright vermillion orange to replicate the colours of the Irish flag. This is no gimmick though, they look great. Add to that they’ve got a gold foil four leaf clover which might give you a bit of extra luck. Wear them out on St Patricks day and you’ll be the best dressed bloke in town.

Now the second pair are a touch subtler. The black suede upper is contrasted by light gold accenting which references Irish folklore and the pot of gold hidden by leprechauns. Alternatively, it looks like a pint of Guinness… Just like the others they’ve got the gold foil four leaf clover on the side wall for the final touch. Pretty smart don’t you think? Adidas, we like your work.

The other good news is that they’re out now to give you plenty of time to grab a pair before St Patrick’s day.

To shop the Spezial handball click here.

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