Gig review: Seprona | Night & Day Cafe

Music / July 18, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

Night & Day Cafe is known for it’s top support for up and coming bands since opening in ’91, so it’s no surprise that the number of incredible talent to walk through their doors over the years, have cracked it big time.

One band on their way to the top is Liverpool indie rockers, Seprona. We caught up with the guys yesterday, just before they were set to headline the night – we obviously stuck around to see if all the hype we’ve been hearing about these guys was true… It was.

First up, fresh talent The Ringards. These guys were pretty special, and after listening to just a couple minutes of their first song, it was clear that some big moments are on the horizon. Lead singer (Enzo) has a very distinctive and hypnotic voice, of which is a nod to the early Pete Doherty – which was great to witness in such an intimate space. Not only do they sounds great, but their energy on stage is refreshing and their interaction with the crowd is on another level. If you get chance, you need to catch these lads live.

After just a short break, four-piece alternative rock band, Submariners took to the stage. Their sound encompasses psychedelic, hard rock, blues and progressive rock. Formed in 2017, the guys have headlined well-known clubs in Manchester’s music scene (in fact, they’ve performed in Night & Day a few times) as well as playing a number of local festivals. Keep your eyes on these guys.

Although it wasn’t the busiest I’ve seen at Night & Day, the crowd were on top form. By the time Solarshift came on, the floor was filling out nicely with a lively crowd. Solarshift are a four-piece alternative rock band from Manchester. With special feelings for atmospheric, layered soundscapes, heavy riffs and a hint of electro synths, they continuously explore the wilderness and emotional landscapes of music. I’d describe their sound as modern metal meets classic indie.

Finally, the headliners took to their stage; Chris with his bass, Louis his guitar, Adam made his way to the drums, Niall the keys and then Dan took the front of the stage, towards his mic. Seprona then started with their fiery performance, kicking it off with their energising guitar riffs mixed with a fierce drum sound and electrifying keys, then lead-singer Dan took to the mic and it was silent, the crowd were absorbing the talent they were witnessing. These guys owned that stage and they’re going to own many more in their career. It wasn’t just their energy, their insane vocals nor their pure talent to own an instrument, these guys knew how to own the crowd and interact with their fans. That was something special to watch.

If you haven’t seen Seprona live yet, you’re missing out on something special. Influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and Father John Misty, these guys show off that influence but yet create a unique twist. A twist that can only be described as Seprona.

Check out Seprona.

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