Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale Predictions

Film & TV / May 18, 2019
by Johanna Roelich

We lay down our final predictions for the final ever episode of Game of Thrones. And after last weeks episode, we’re are not predicting a very happy ending.

If you’re as hooked as we are, we know exactly what you’re thinking; how am I going to spend every single Monday night from now on?! Well, we’re still working on that one.

Game of Thrones is a show that totally messes with your emotions. This season however, has had mixed opinions. Can the final episode shut the mouths of 1000s and give us the most nail bitingly shocking, most clever and mind blowing ending that we’ve been craving since the day of The Red Wedding? We hope so.

Arya Stark will add Daenerys to her kill list.

The most ruthless girl to appear on our TV screens, Arya Stark, traveled to King’s Landing with a mission: She planned to kill Cersei Lanniser. But now that Cersei has been killed and Daenerys Targaryen has inherited the role of the Mad Queen, Arya’s plan is likely to change. According to Melisandre, Arya is destined to kill someone with “green eyes.” While Daenerys has violet eyes in the book, Emilia Clarke has unmistakably green-grey eyes… Coincidence? Arya could easily face-swap her way into Daenerys’ chambers and assassinate the Queen. Another theory? Arya will street urchin her way into Daenerys’ chambers, assassinate the crazed queen, and rule Westeros using Daenerys’ face. Granted, being power-hungry isn’t necessarily in Arya’s character, but is Daenerys’ suddenly immolating her progress toward the Iron Throne in her character? This season has featured many sped-up character progressions. Maybe it’s time for Arya’s.

AeGon Targaryen-Snow will rise to his destiny.

Jon Snow has always been reluctant to accept his parentage – and what it means for Westeros. Jon is no bastard. He’s Aegon Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne. After his love, and aunt Daenerys burns up King’s Landing, Jon will realise he can’t keep running from his fate. He put his faith in the wrong person. Jon has to be the one to rule. Will that mean Jon will be the one to assassinate Daenerys?

Jon Snow will become a wildling

With everything Jon Snow has seen in his life, will he just ride off into the night and re-join the wildlings and his beloved ‘Ghost’, leaving his ‘family’ behind and Sansa to rule the North?

Jon will bring democracy to King’s Landing

Jon Snow has been very vocal about not wanting the Iron Throne, enough that we’re actually starting to believe him. After seeing what damage this so-called “game of thrones” has done to his family, friends and country, he’ll melt down the Iron Throne and call for elections.

Tyrion will commit treason (again)

This twist seems like a guarantee. In “The Bells” Varys set the precedent of Daenerys’ advisors ditching her for reasons of, you know, rationality. It didn’t take long for Tyrion to realise his friend was correct. Odds are, Daenerys is going down in the finale. Tyrion may lead the way.

Sansa will rule an independent North.

The North will look down at the chaos of King’s Landing, say “no thanks,” and secede. Sansa will (and should) rule. Perhaps Jon will appoint her to the Iron Throne.

Arya will shock (and possibly disappoint the entire world) and ride off to find peace

The symbolic moment of the final scene of last weeks episode where the white horse appeared through the the smoke of chaos and approached Arya can’t go amiss. Some say the white horse represents peace; maybe Arya has seen enough tragedy and heart-break in her lifetime and she decides to join Grendy as Lady of Storm’s End (although we hope she seeks revenge before reuniting herself with Grendy…)

Maybe the white horse means Arya herself is death…

Viewers have picked out a significant phrase from the bible that could point to the horse’s meaning: “And behold, a pale horse. And the name that sat on him was death. And hell followed with him.” Will Arya take out the Mad Queen?

Gendry gets involved

Gendry will play an important role in the finale after missing the destruction at King’s Landing entirely, presumably to chill in his new castle at Storm’s End. Daenerys made Gendry the lord of Storm’s End to win his loyalty, but will we see him flip sides after hearing about her descent into madness and play a role in her inevitable death? After all, Grendy has a claim to the (potentially destroyed) Iron Throne as Robert Baratheon’s son, and if Jon Snow isn’t going to step up and take the seat, he might not have a problem letting an ally fill the vacancy.

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