Five things to do on Valentine’s Day… if you’re a single man

by Stephanie Webster

So it’s almost the big day, full of red roses and over priced set menus in restaurants across the county. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day on your own, we’ve got you covered with five things to do if you’re single.


1 – Buy yourself a gift, ever heard of the phrase ‘TREAT YO SELF’ well why not, if other people get presents so should you. From you to you.


2 – Watch a film franchise or box set. Yep you heard, when was the last time you watched The Hangover 1, 2 & 3 back to back? Exactly…


3 – See something beautiful, beautiful game of course. Porto v Liverpool or Real Madrid v Paris in the UEFA Champions League, who needs a girlfriend when your true love is football. If footballs not your thing England’s cricketers play New Zealand in the T20 Tri Series in Wellington.


4 – Go to the gym, think about it… half the usual gym goers will be on dates paying over the odds for a fancy meal in a restaurant. There will be no awkward queue at the smith machine and if there’s any women around you’ll know they’re single too. Win win.


5 – If all else fails it’s chicken club at your local Wetherspoon’s. After 2 pints, a chicken burger and a side of onion rings you won’t be feeling alone… just full.


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