Our Top 5 FIFA Soundtracks Of All Time

Lifestyle / September 27, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

What’s your favourite video game soundtrack? Well, the right tunes can make the game sometimes. It can take a title from an average number to a quality gaming experience. One game with a reputation for solid soundtracks is FIFA. From day one EA committed a lot of time and effort to creating a playlist of the best music around for the game. Here’s a few of the finest:

  1. The Streets “Fit But You Know It” FIFA 05: Mike Skinner’s ultimate lads anthem featured on the game’s 2005 edition bringing a touch of raucousness to the proceedings. There was something about a few tins and a fight outside Mcdonalds that seemed to go hand in hand with a few games of FIFA. It went down a treat.

4. Ms Dynamite “Dy-na-mi-tee” 2003: FIFA 03 was a largely underwhelming soundtrack. Headed up by Avril Lavigne it struggled to capture the hearts and minds. That was until a little known female UK rapper joined the party. Ms Dynamite’s hit “Dy-na-mi-tee” pumped a low bass and laid back flow into the game that still features at house parties around the country today.

  1. Fatboy Slim “Rockafella Skank” FIFA 1999: EA laid bare their intentions to make FIFA a music lover’s game with this one. Fatboy Slim’s smash hit “Rockafella Skank” provided an unforgettable accompaniment for the 1999 game. Loud and intelligent in equal measure, it was perfect for the game.

  1. The Caesars “Jerk It Out” FIFA 2004: Most people can only name one song by the Caesars. Most people only know that song because of FIFA 2004. “Jerk It Out” took the world by storm when it’s catchy riffs and melodic vocals featured on the game in the early noughties. Go on name us another tune they wrote; we dare you!

  1. The Jam “Town Called Malice” FIFA 04: 2004 was a legendary soundtrack. The Jam really stole the show though over 30 years after they first released town called malice. The rolling bassline and Weller’s clever and often funny lyrics were a revelation to kids everywhere. It just made so much sense.

This Years Soundtrack: Our tip for this year’s track is London’s very own Bakar, whose catchy jazz punk infused track Big Dreams is destined for big things. It’s quick, it’s catchy and it’s perfect for FIFA.

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