Fifa 22

by Chris Balding

Some things in life are guaranteed such as death, taxes – and EA bringing out a new FIFA each year. FIFA 22 has been available for players with EA Play early access since the 22nd of September but for the rest of us the standard release is Friday the 1st of October. 

While FIFA 22 doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it has provided fans an aesthetic face lift that will be pleasing to most. However, for fans who like to play in the lower leagues or in less well known leagues the player’s details are less impressive in comparison to playing as Man United where players like Ronaldo are life-like.

To immerse players in the game other details have been included to add to the realism such as new lighting where shine now appears on virtually sweaty forehands and the shirts now stick to the footballer’s skin. The biggest improvements regarding how it looks comes from FIFA’s new motion capture technology “HyperMotion”. 4,000 new animations have been added making the game more real than ever before. Managers and coaches on the other hand haven’t been given the same treatment as for many have their heads stuck onto a stock body but who cares that much about the cutscenes unless you’ve seen the video of Steve Bruce out pacing all the players on the bench as he runs to celebrate a goal. 

Majority of FIFA fans don’t care that much about the graphics and would much prefer EA focussed their efforts on the game play. Changes to the gameplay make this year’s FIFA slightly different as positioning and vision is favoured over pace making players be more tactical to score goals which does make the playstle more rewarding.  

All the game modes stay the same for this year’s edition but there are some minor tweaks, Volta has no story and the gameplay has improved but still can’t hold a candle to FIFA street. Ultimate Team allows players to view inside two packs each day allowing players to spend their money more wisely. Career mode has added in more glitz and glamour as cutscenes now feature the likes of David Beckham and Antony Joshua which comes across more superficial than anything else. 

FIFA much like anything else nowadays can’t escape Hollywood, as the first non league side feature in this year’s edition. Wrexham AFC will appear in the game, most likely down to their famous owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob Rob McElhenney being able to create a buzz which is a win-win for both parties. 


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