FIFA 2023: EA’s Final Series

by Johanna Roelich

The FIFA 23 release date is coming in hot! The football sim series has graced the gaming charts every year since its launch in 1993, but it has been announced that this instalment will be the final one to bear FIFA’s official branding. Mark the date in your diaries folks – it’s dropping on 30th September! 

So, let’s dive into the features that step up the play for the final season of FIFA. EA have thrown in a range of updates, determined to go out on a high. We finally get women’s league football, with players given the option to get stuck in to either the English Women’s Super League or France’s Division 1 Féminine. About time, right? There’s full online compatibility between consoles, with PS5 owners able to play in a range of modes against their Xbox or PC-playing mates. 

A lot of the game modes will be familiar to seasoned FIFA heads, with Quick Play letting you launch straight into a single match or tournament, a revamped Career mode allowing you to take a player or manager from their fresh-faced debut right through to their furrowed brow retirement with all the rollercoaster drama of squad management and transfer deadline days in between, and – for fans of silky skills and close control – the return of street football mode Volta will be justly celebrated. There are new features in Ultimate Team, too, with more opportunities to bag freebies than in the previous game.  

Everything about FIFA 23 promises to be bigger, better, and cleaner than FIFA 22, with EA pledging greater physics, more intelligent AI and way more realistic gameplay.  

On its release nearly 30 years ago, the first FIFA game positioned itself the authentic sports sim, with all the drama and tension of real football. It may have been a generous assessment in 1993, but if the new FIFA proves to be as good as it appears to be, they may finally have a game to fulfil that bold proclamation.  

Farewell FIFA; it’s been real.  

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