Festival fashion… for wherever you’re off to this summer

Fashion / June 21, 2017
by Josh Kelsall

If you’re heading off to a huge field somewhere in the UK or abroad this summer with the boys – you don’t need to tell us that it’s going to be a messy one. And that’s not just the mud, either. Festivals are brutal places. You see your mates at their best and their worst… but it’s one of those experiences that will live with you forever (if you can remember any of it). But it’s not just about the music anymore. Festival fashion has become serious business. You can’t deny that an almighty effort goes into making sure you’re looking good come Day 1. By Day 5 after no sleep, minimal water and barely any food, then maybe it’s a different story. We’ve put some thought into some festival looks that may or may not give you a gentle point in the right direction.

Pictured: 252939, 252801, 249409
A bucket hat at a festival is like a horse at The Grand National. Or golf balls at the US Open. Or a draw at Old Trafford. Pair it up with a denim overshirt and a stash bag and you’re onto a winner.

Pictured: 245378, 244517

Don’t be afraid of spending the whole festival literally head to toe in adidas Originals – it isn’t a bad way to spend the weekend. It’s a bold look, and people will respect you for it. The five-panel will keep the sun out of your eyes (if you’re lucky enough to experience sun at a UK festival) and your head dry when it rains. The sweatshirt will keep you lovely and warm when it gets a little chilly later.

Pictured: 134853, 266505, 272677, 271250

Bucket hats, as discussed, are a permanent festival fixture. The adidas Originals, as discussed, can be taken to the bank – with added Münchens. Now we’ve got a nice pair of Lacoste chino shorts in the mix. IT. JUST. GETS. BETTER.

Pictured: 252779, 027317

We’ve spoken at length many a time about the lightweight transitional layer, but we actually have a point. There’s a reason for why we’re championing the trans-layer. Especially at a festival. It’s gonna rain. It’s gonna be sunny. And you’re gonna be ready when it does.

Here’s a link to the festival shop. It’s really quite good.

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