Fantasy Football: Why We Can’t Wait To Get Back To The Stands

by Olivia Mannix

We are buzzing that the football is going ahead and we’re ready for this season to really heat up. But it is no secret that watching a game in your living room is simply nothing in comparison to heading to the stadium. As we enter into Game week 8, we want to reflect on why we love the beautiful game and share a couple of reasons why we can’t wait to get back in the stands.

Pre-match anticipation

Waking up on a matchday is a whole different feeling. We miss the butterflies and the pre-match nerves we get, as though we are one of the players stepping out onto the pitch. We’ve all got a routine. The car ride with your mates, a big breakfast and a cheeky pint are all part of the tradition. We can’t wait for this feeling to be restored!

The atmosphere

There is something magical about the atmosphere at a football match. As you’re heading into the ground, there is an unbeatable buzz in the air. As you take your seat, the excitement builds and then… we’re off! Getting up, sitting down – the crowd is constantly roaring to support their team. We miss getting wrapped up in the incredible atmosphere, and we can’t wait to belt out some chants from the stands soon.

Seeing the drama and the controversy up close

Like it or not, there is nothing better than seeing the drama up close. Where would we be without a bit of controversy? We’ve got plenty of divers and the questionable referees. We love the action that unfolds and our hearts beat out of our chest as we watch. Despite our temples aching, strained vocals and our raised heart rate, we can’t lie – we love it and we want more!

Your football friends

Everyone has their football friends. Whether it be your group of local mates, the lads you’ve met at your go-to pub, or that old feller who’s sat next to you at the ground since you were a kid. So this one is a shout out to our football friends, who share our passion and miss a matchday as much as we do. We can’t wait to experience the joy, the fear, the chants and the cheer with you again!

Being able to say ‘I was there’

Our club, our culture, our family. Matchdays are the days we will never forget. There is nothing better than when a match goes down in history and you know you can say ‘I was there’. Whether you are telling your mates the next day or your grandkids down the line, you were there. You were there to see Beckham score that goal or Salah’s greatest assist in history. You saw Kane surprise us all, and Ole win the treble. Whatever it was, you can say you saw it with your own two eyes.

Whilst you are waiting to get back into the matchday spirit, make sure you join our Fantasy Football league. It’s not the same, but we’ll get through it together.

What’s your favourite thing about attending a football match?

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