Exclusive Interview with Punk Rockers Paris Street Rebels

Music / January 17, 2020
by Johanna Roelich

We caught up with our favourite Scots, Paris Street Rebels just ahead of their ‘Big In’ Tour debut with This Feeling. Bursting out of Fife with a fierce punk sound and gutsy attitude, Paris Street Rebels prepare to give their fans a night to remember at Glasgow’s ‘Broadcast’ tonight for the Big In 2020 Tour.

These guys have a lot of genius behind them and that becomes so clear when you read this interview and listen to their tracks.

These guys have had much success in their 2 years of being together but it’s clear they’re in for a lot more. You can’t go through 2020 without hearing out Paris Street Rebels, we’re sure they’re going to change your music style just a little bit. Think deep, real, punk rock’n’roll. You won’t be disappointed.

Please introduce yourselves and what your roles are in the band? 

Jazz – We’re Paris Street Rebels, we’re a 4 piece rock n roll band. We hail from a small working class mining village in Fife Scotland, called Ballingry (The Bing) search it on Wikipedia you’ll get a laugh. It’s rougher than a snipers elbow but it’s home and we wouldn’t change it for the world. In the band we have Grant “G” Malcolm on guitar/vocals, Kevin “Jet” Murphy on guitar/vocals, Jordan “Jazz” McLean on Bass and Cameron “Shaft” Gaudin on drums!

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you formed as a band? 

Jazz – We’ve been together a little over 2 years but we’ve all known each other for much longer, we’ve been in various bands since we were troublesome 16 year olds, that’s how we met the bold cammy. The rest of us have known each other all our lives and we just decided that we’d try and take the drunken singing and hammering of an old beaten acoustic out of our houses and start a Rock n Roll band. Plus as you may know we’ve got a lot to say for ourselves, it’s easier to get people listening through songs rather than drunken ramblings at 3am in a kitchen at a house party.

So, Paris Street Rebels, what’s the story behind the name?

Jazz – Well firstly it doesn’t have anything to do with Paris, contrary to popular belief… It’s actually a street in Grangemouth where G stayed for a few years, it was the first place we could get together and play terribly as a group without our mums going mental. The first songs we ever wrote were written in that flat and it holds a special place in our cold dark hearts, plus we had some decent party’s as well!

You have such a unique punk / rock style, who is your style icon?

Grant – We dig the classics for the most part. Paul Simonen of The Clash. Bowie makes the list on the strength of that red mullet alone. Marc Bolan just for being a gorgeous little glitter covered pixie. New-York Dolls, Hamburg era Beatles …I could go on all day to be honest. Stick all these pretty fools in a melting pot mix in some hard liquor add in 4 narcissists with a point to prove and you get Paris Street Rebels.

Hailing from Fife, what’s your dream location for a gig?

Jazz – Well we’ve just recently ticked off the most important place for us to play in fife, The Red Goth in Lochore. This was a special gig for us cause it’s our proper home town. It was amazing to be able to put on our own gig on and see the place bouncing like how it was when our mums and dads were wee. All we ever really wanted was to be able to give something back to the mean streets that made us and that was the first step. Aside from that, the ultimate venue to play in Scotland would have to be the Barras, it’s just legendary and we’ve spent many a wild night in there, would be class to be the ones playing the music instead eh getting crushed in the mosh pit.

Who have been your biggest influencers throughout your career? 

Grant – There’s loads of artists and songwriters from both the 20th and 21st century that have had a huge impact on us and inform us constantly.  I could rattle off a big boring list but ultimately one of the things we’ve been most influenced by is our surroundings. Growing up in our little renegade working class mining village made us mad enough to dream big and bad enough to make it happen.

You’re performing in This Feeling’s Big In 2020 Tour in Glasgow this Friday, a sell-out gig, congratulations! We can’t even begin to imagine the atmosphere there! Tell us what your fans can expect from the night.

Kev – Our fans deserve us at our best and it’s our best they shall receive. We love to see people come together in that maelstrom of sweat and love, our aims just to provide the soundtrack. To create peace and harmony as well as fire and skill. This night will be one for the history books for sure and we can’t wait to see everybody shaking a tail feather in the big mean city. 

Have you performed with any of the Big In 2020 bands before?

Grant – We actually performed with the The K’s who headlined the Nambucca, London show I believe? We shared a bill together in this mad wee pub in London (I forget the area, alcohol’s got a lot to answer for) Great lads, hopefully catch up with them on our travels very soon.

Tell us a little bit about your relationship with this feeling?

Kev – We have been involved with this feeling from the very beginning of our journey and it has been a very healthy relationship so far. We aim to keep impressing the team and make 2020 something special, as their club nights are always the place to spy the best of the best in new talent.

You’ve had an amazing reaction to every release so far (personal favourite being ‘Kings of Balado’) and I think you’ve left the world eagerly wanting more! Have you got any new releases coming up soon?

Grant – We’ve got a crazy amount of material to get out into the world this year. Our next single ‘Villains’ will be born in February so look out for that particular monster destroying city skylines soon. Not going to give too much away at the minute but lets just say consider 2020 the year of the rebel.

What is your favourite song to perform?

Jazz – Our favourite song to play is a hard one cause everyone has a different choice, but my favourite song to play I think is probably Kings Of Balado, I just love the atmosphere, when we first played it, no one really got it because it was so different to the rest of our set and they weren’t to sure how to react. We actually dropped it for a good few gigs, but once it was released and people could hear the lyrics more clearly and what the tune was about that all changed, people are singing the words back to us now and it’s just a great buzz off it.

What would be your dream tour line-up? (dead or alive) 

Grant – Got to get The Stones in there somewhere considering the fact they’re in their 7th decade of playing live and are still the greatest rock’n’roll band on the face of the planet. The rest would be filled with all the greats we never got the chance to see; Nirvana, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, The Doors, The Beatles and Bowie. Would be a demon of a tour thats for sure… Don’t think the tickets would be cheap mind you. 

So, what are your summer plans? Any festivals lined up yet?

Grant – Not as of yet. If any promoters are reading this make the call. Summer simply wouldn’t be the same without us!

To end on, tell us something not many people know about you…

We’re gun toting , hard drinking, street fighting men of the underground… And we also love a scented candle. Lovely they are.

Check out Paris Street Rebels now.

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