Diadora Bring Back The 90’s: AW18

Fashion / August 21, 2018
by Aidan Jenner

It’s no secret that Diadora have been making snazzy sports gear for years. In the eighties and nineties, the brand was everywhere. You only need to dig through the archives to find sporting stars of old, like the supremely mulleted Roberto Baggio, gliding around pitches and tracks rocking their stuff.

The one man everyone remembers backing Diadora’s output though is the masterful Dutch centre forward Marco Van Basten. To honour the relationship that they had with the centre forward Diadora have come back with a track top they’ve named after Marco himself.

The MVB Track top is a colourful number drawn straight from loud sportswear’s glory days in the early nineties. The best way to describe it is a cross between the Fresh Prince and Mourinho back when he was a humble translator (we’ve all seen the pictures). No but really it’s the full ticket, it’s got some incredible coloured panelling, it’s got some very impressive taping down the sleeves and the peak nineties touch of a mesh lining. Could you really ask for anything more in a track top?

It’s just a beauty this one. It’s so perfectly retro you can almost visualise it in a VHS commercial. We can picture it now to be honest, the big man Van Basten on a promo shoot, playing football with a bunch of schoolkids who couldn’t be happier to see him. They chase him round while he majestically glides in his Diadora tracksuit looking as cool as ever. He dribbles the ball and dinks it over one of the kids with a huge smile on his face. But anyway you know what we mean.

It doesn’t finish there though, Diadora have come with the heat with the whole of their AW18 collection. It’s colourful, it’s retro and it’s going to be big.

Shop the collection. 

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