Cristiano Ronaldo’s greatest moments over 30 years old

by Chris Balding

For any football fan following Ronaldo’s career will know there is plenty of life left in this old dog who is still capable of producing outstanding moments even if it is playing for a poor Manchester United side. 

In this article we will be looking at Ronaldo’s best moments over the age of 30.

First player to score 800 top-level goals

This one speaks for itself. In December 2021 following 3-2 win over Arsenal the Portuguese superstar scored twice, breaking the 800 goals mark. He has over 100 Premier League goals, 101 in Serie A and an astonishing 450 in La Liga. He is currently the all time leading goal scorer for Real Madrid. 

13 international goals in a calendar year

Sticking to his goal scoring ability, Ronaldo managed to score 13 international goals in one year which ended fellow Portuguese Legend Eusebio’s record. In 2016 when he achieved this he also won the European Championship. In the tournament  he put on quite a performance. Ronaldo managed to rescue Portugal and keep them in the competition with 2 goals in a 3-3 thriller against hungary and ended the competition in the top 5 for goals, assists and shots on target.

Most votes in Ballon d’Or history

Since turning 30 he has managed to win 2 Ballon d’Or titles which is an incredible achievement but what’s more impressive is that in one of the Ballon d’Or he won by the biggest margin in the history of the prize. Ronaldo ended up with 745 while the runner up Lionel Messi had 316. 

Champions League comeback hat-tricks

Ronaldo shares the most Champion League hat-tricks with his greatest rival Lionel Messi but you could argue that Ronaldo has scored the most impressive hat-tricks. 

Twice he has saved his team from being eliminated from the competition. The first Real Madrid came against Wolfsburg and lost 2-0 in the first leg only for Ronaldo to save the Los Blancos with a hat-trick in the second leg knocking out the German team. Similar to the first comeback, he did it again but this time for Juventus when playing Atletico Madrid inspiring the Italian Giants to victory.  

Bicycle Kick Vs Juventus 

In 2018 while playing in the Champion League quarter final against the Italian club he scored one of his more impressive goals. Playing this time for Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored one goal already but this goal was different gravy. As the ball was crossed into the box Ronaldo rose 7.5 ft into the air and acrobatically bicycle kicked the ball into the net leaving his manager Zinedine Zidane shocked by what he had just witnessed. 

Three consecutive Champions League titles

It’s hard to believe that this all happened after he turned 30 but when he left his 20’s he won the Champion League 3 times in a row.  After winning the 2016 and 2017 Madrid became the first team to win it successively but not happy with that his team won the 2018 title too. You need to remember too that Ronaldo scored 43 goals in the competition from just 38 appearances inspiring his team to consecutive success. 

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