Top 5 Greatest Football Goals Of All Time

by Olivia Mannix

It is hard to define a great goal. Is it the appearance – whether it is pure and clean? Its speed or its difficulty? Is it the lead up with tactile movements and subconscious adjustments? Or does it boil down to the emotions that fill each stadium? We have pulled together some of our favourite goals from football history. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these top-notch goals…

Diego Maradona (1986)

Starting off strong with one of the most famous goals in history, the 1986 World Cup strike from Maradona. The football legend captained Argentina to victory and his goal against England is remembered fondly today. Travelling virtually the full length of the pitch, he swiped the ball in his own half, exhausted four players and the goalie before smashing the ball into the net. Soon after, Maradona was named Argentina’s best player and he is respected within the world of football for this incredible strike. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovich (2012)

Spoiler alert! We love a bicycle kick and this goal was pretty special. Back in 2012, Zlatan Ibrahimovich scored one of the most incredible goals ever in an international friendly against England. When England goalkeeper, Joe Hart, made some, let’s face it, poor decisions, Zlatan came out of the blue swung around, jumped into the air and smashed a stunning overhead kick into the back of the England net. Did we forget to mention it was from 30 yards away? Sometimes, overheads kicks are pure luck but the way Ibrahimovich pulled that one off was magic.

Eric Cantona (1996)

Here we have an incredible winning volley from Eric Cantona for his team, Manchester United, back in 1996. Cantona kicked the ball towards the goal, through the cramped penalty area and the ball swept straight into the back of the goal – leaving Manchester United victorious! This legendary goal from Eric Cantona went down in history not only for winning the FA Cup but for his subsequent celebration, when he stood on the spot, slowly pirouetting as he took in the atmosphere. It is a truly incredible moment that took place during the unmatched Alex Ferguson era. 

Lionel Messi (2007)

As one of the best players in the world, we couldn’t forget about Messi. A goal we still think about today was seen during the Barcelona vs. Getafe in 2007. Not only did the team win 5-2, but Messi scored 2 goals for his team. In the 28th minute, Messi left the crowd speechless with a goal reminiscent of the Maradona goal from 1986 –  from the same starting and finishing positions, Messi foiled a handful of players, before smashing the goal into the back of the net. 

Wayne Rooney (2011)

Another bicycle kick comes from Rooney – which became one of the most famous strikes in Manchester United’s history. In 2011, Manchester United earned a vital 2-1 win against their rivals Man City. This goal took our breath away in the 78th minute as Rooney opened his body and smashed the ball into the net. This spectacular late winner put Manchester United’s Premier League title assault back on track and left their rivals completely devastated at Old Trafford. When asked, the player admitted it was his best goal for the club and we would have to agree. 

What is your favourite goal in football history?

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