American Heritage Legends Join The Gang: Schott NYC

Fashion / September 6, 2018
by Johanna Roelich

And so it continues, another brand joins the gang. It’s a great time at scotts with new brands, new products and new content hitting the shelves every day. This time around, for AW18, we’re welcoming American heritage legends Schott NYC to the club. These guys deserve a lot of respect, they’ve gathered a global reputation over their hundred-year-or-so lifespan for creating jackets and clothing that is amongst some of the best out there. Here’s what you need to know.

Founded in downtown New York in 1913, Schotts roots go back a long way, to a time when it was just two brothers creating rain jackets in a basement factory to sell door to door. They’ve come a long way since then though and now Schott means so much more to so many people. In fact, it would be fair to say that rather than producing just clothes the label produce cultural artefacts that are a huge part of the ‘American Cool’ we all love today.

The beginning of the brand’s rise to fame really is really their movement from weatherproof clothing into biking gear. The introduction of the “Perfecto” jacket to the market proved Schott’s biggest success in 1928. Irving Schott’s keen taste for motorcycles and Cuban cigars inspired the ‘Perfecto’ a heavy duty, zipped biker jacket which has acted as the blueprint for every biker jacket that’s followed. With that initial success came the opportunity to expand, more styles followed and eventually, in recognition of quality and durability Schott were asked to produce flight jackets and outerwear for the US army.

Since that particular period, the brand has gone from strength to strength, transforming in to the internationally recognised clothing label it is today. The Schott NYC logo has true authority. What’s more, the majority of the company’s production still takes place in the family run factory in NY state. You can still regularly find one of the Schotts examining the quality of materials on the floor or production line.

For AW18 we’ll be welcoming a range of Schott’s casual sweatshirt styles for that classic big logo nineties look.  Click here to shop the collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest arrivals here.

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