adidas Originals ZX Flux x Josh Parkin Q&A

Fashion / July 20, 2015
by Tom Armstrong

Josh has gained underground recognition recently for his monochrome caricatures based around football, fashion and trainers, so when scotts needed something to celebrate the adidas ZX Flux monochrome pack, it seemed like the perfect match. We caught up with the artist to get some background on himself and the collab.

Hi Josh. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started illustrating.

I’ve being drawing since… forever. I’d much rather have spent an hour drawing growing up than playing on a PlayStation. Football boots were my favourite things to draw. I used to say that I wanted to design football boots when I was older, something I still aspire to do now. I had folders of designs, for different brands and players.

As I moved through high school and onto art college, my work was influenced by the music I listened to, focussing more on clothing, trends and brands as I progressed to university.

You’ve done a fair amount of work around footwear now, what is it about trainers you love?

Trainers have been the staple item of every outfit I’ve worn ever since I was a teenager. I’m fascinated by brands, the technology and marketing campaigns that surround a release. I’ve only really noticed that side of things over the past 5-6 years. And I think it’s certainly something that has blown up, with midnight releases and innovative activation ideas such as in-store raffles etc.

How did you draw inspiration for the Scotts work? 

This project came at the perfect time for me. I’m currently flicking between three or four ongoing projects which are all using a similar style, so when I got the brief I knew I wanted to create something totally different. I wanted to create something that was totally unique. Illustrations that could stand alone as well as merge together to create a bigger picture.

They’re lots of weird and wonderful things going on in the artwork, and I think that reflects the possibilities we are now given through Mi ZX FLUX photo printing app. The artwork was created freehand, working a series of different ink pens straight onto the paper, and took roughly 5 hours to complete.

Do you have an all-time favourite pair of adidas?

I’d say the favourite pair of adidas trainers I own are the Adidas Originals Stockholm – City Series from 2010, purely because they were the first pair of trainers I remember thinking, ‘I can’t wait for those to be released.’

I’ve also have a pair of ZX Flux from a UK launch which I love! They’re limited colourway which were gifted to the people chosen to work at the pop up store at Crepe City early last year.

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