5 Festival Essentials That Make Camping Easier

Life / June 29, 2016
by Scotts Blog

Camping at a festival is a core part of the whole experience, setting up a tribal home for your mates and feeling the freedom that being outdoors and away from normal society can give. Whilst most festivals provide access to basic amenities, there are always a few home comforts that you start to miss, usually by about day two and after a total of four hours sleep.

We’ve put together a list of festival essentials that should hopefully improve your camping comfort.

Air Mattress (and pump)

Leave the yoga mat at home. Air mattresses are much more comfortable than traditional roll mats and offer great value for money. Being properly elevated off the ground means that you won’t have stones, lumps and old cans jutting in your back all night, as well as being a lot warmer. It might sound obvious, but make sure you’ve brought a pump along to inflate it, otherwise you’ll essentially be sleeping on a worn out lilo.

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Warm hoodie/jacket

It will get cold at night. If it’s absolutely roasting during the day, then the temperature will drop significantly when the sun goes down, so having a warm and reliable hoodie just makes sense. On the other hand, if the weather is miserable, it’s nice to have something dry and comfortable to wear, either after changing out of damp stuff or while you’re waiting for the showers to show some mercy and subside.

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Camping chair

Vital for relaxing around the campsite, a camping chair stops you from sitting in the mud all weekend. Spending more on a camping chair is worth it, as it saves the embarrassment of sitting on it for the first time and falling straight through the middle. Carting one from the car to the campsite can be a pain, so maybe think about investing in either a compact, packable chair, or an inflatable one to match your mattress. You could even turn up with a full inflatable sofa if you fancy it.

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Mostly useful for finding things in your own tent at night. A torch is one of those things that you’ll think you won’t need, you’ll leave it at home and then spend most of your weekend ruing that decision. They’re small, easy to carry and cheap, so it’s easier to just take it and not use it rather than regret leaving it on your kitchen table.

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Phone charger

Having a portable power source means you can keep your phone charged all weekend, which is great for staying in contact with the outside world, and finding your friends when you get separated. Power sources can be charged at home before you leave and can store enough energy to fully charge your phone. Alternatively, you could use a solar powered charger, which, as you might expect, uses the sun to charge your phone, great for the economically minded.

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