10 Things You’ll Know If You Were An 00s Indie Fan

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For many, the sound of the 00s will forever be defined by ‘landfill indie’, the pejorative phrase coined by music writer Andrew Harrison to kettle the wave of late 00s, third generation Libertines imitators.

For those of us who were there though, 2001-2006 was a time where we really thought we were living through a ‘golden era’. Our favourite bands were in the charts, our favourite clothes were in the shops, and the horror of The Hoosiers was still a twinkle in a record execs’ eye.

For those that know, we salute you.

1 – You don’t completely hate Hard-Fi

Many would claim Hard-Fi to be the definitive landfill band, but for at least six months in 2005 they were at the centre of the indie world. We loved stories about them recording their number one debut Stars Of CCTV in pub backrooms, and frontman Richard Archer became the despairing everyman opposite Doherty’s Sassoon-babbling Whitechapel wastrel.

Plus ‘Hard To Beat’ is a still a big tune.

2. You took The Holloways’ debut album back to HMV

You tried, but realised even ‘Generator’ was a bit rubbish. You swapped it for The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living, which you didn’t like much either.

3. You could often be heard declaring that The Datsuns were the ‘unsung heroes of the ‘New Rock Revolution’

Even though you only knew ‘Harmonic Generator’’.

4. You still maintain the Dev Hynes’s best work was in Test Icicles

It wasn’t. But for certain fans of a certain vintage, it’ll be always 2005 and Dev will be spitting down the microphone for his indie screamo dance band. A band whose output Dev would later say: “We were never, ever that keen on the music. I understand that people liked it, but we personally, er, didn’t”.

5. You also still maintain that The Zutons did the definitive version of Valerie

Amy’s version might unite a wedding dance floor better than anything since ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ , but Dave and Abi’s version is a more restrained beast. Apparently.

6. You wore a skinny indie tie on a night out

More than once. A black and white checked scarf was also an essential part of your gig wardrobe.

7. You can remember your libertines.org user name

“Searching4Albion”? “HassallIsAFox”? “SethOnTheStairs”? “Gabbyshambles”? “WorriedForPete’? “TheKooksRCack”? “StylishKidInTheRiot146”? 

Don’t act like you don’t remember.

8. You went to The Hawley Arms and were disappointed

Carl Barat wasn’t there. The Paddingtons were though.

9. The Ordinary Boys played at your uni

“Look, I was well into the band well before Preston went on Big Brother”.

10. You will always have a place in your heart for Jonny Borrell.

Forget the posturing. Forget ‘America’. Forget headlining Reading with his shirt off. If you were an indie fan in 2004, Razorlight’s Up All Night will always take you back to the Roxy – or Brudenell, or Leadmill, or Club Ifor Bach, or 5th Avenue – dropkicking a warm plastic glass on your way to the dance floor as soon as Jonny cried “Hey girrrrrrl, get on the….”

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  1. Who plays the monster in “Sexy Beast”? I have never been able to find any details and the monster is an important aspect of the film and a well played part. Who was it?

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