10 Of The Best Boxing Entrance Songs Of All Time

Sport / April 17, 2015
by Robbie Muldoon

Floyd Mayweather: Lil Wayne – No Worries (Live)

Back in 2013 Money Mayweather defeated Robert Guerrero to continue his career-long undefeated streak with Lil Wayne cockily rapping about not stressing the competition. Rappers and Mayweather have since had a bit of a rocky relationship, just ask 50 Cent or T.I.

Mike Tyson: 2Pac – Road to Glory

When Frank Bruno came up against Mike Tyson in 1996, not only did he enter the ring with the burden of facing the world’s most ferocious, primal beast in the form of Iron Mike, but he also had the words of Tupac ringing in his ears: “Big Mike Tyson ’bout to brutalise that a** tonight.”

Vitali Klitchko: AC/DC – Hell’s Bells 

The real life Ivan Drago may not excite much in the ring, but his entrances into it certainly do. The AC/DC video is served up with shots of past champions and arena fireworks to go with those devilish guitar riffs.

Prince Naseem Hamed: Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper

Between ’94 to ’98, Prince Naseem Hamed was one of the most loved and loathed fighters in the world. The skinny boxer with the silky skills and sharp swagger would walk into the ring to Ini Kamoze’s smash hit of the time, typifying the man himself. Whether entering the ring on a flying carpet or getting drinks thrown over him, Nas was always pure entertainment.

Micky Ward: Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

With no help from promoters or TV companies ‘Irish’ Micky Ward had to do everything the hard way. In 2000 Ward fought a title bout against Liverpool’s Shea Neary, forever immortalised in the Hollywood movie The Fighter. The scene shows Mark Wahlberg as Micky walking out to the ring with the tune ‘Here I Go Again On My Own’ blaring around the arena. Meaningful, memorable and cinematic.

Chris Eubank: Tina Turner – The Best

Say what you like about Chris Eubank but it can’t be denied he was one of the greatest boxers ever to come from these shores. His nickname was ‘Simply The Best’, so it was no surprise he used Tina Turner’s song for his entrance.

Mike Tyson: DMX – What’s My Name?

After two years banned from boxing for biting off Evander Holyfoeld’s ear in 1997, Iron Mike chose to enter the ring on his return to rap’s very own blood pumping, gnashing dog man, DMX. ‘What’s My Name’? As if anybody had forgotten it.

Muhammad Ali: Meco – Star Wars Theme 

‘The Greatest’ was the first one to really get the whole entrance music thing off the ground back in 1977 when taking on Earnie Shavers, one of Ali’s toughest ever opponents. Epic as always.

Arturo Gatti: AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Gatti’s nickname was “Thunder” so you can see what he did here. It seems AC/DC have been a popular choice when looking for the right vibe to pummel somebody’s face to mush.

Kell Brook: Kanye West – All Of The Lights

The arena sinks into darkness when Sheffield’s IBF World Welterweight Champion Kell Brook walks out to the ring, with a lone spotlight shining on ‘The Special One’. Yeezy’s All Of The Lights blares through the speakers, with the drum beat punching as hardand as fast as the undefeated Brook. A fitting choice.

Image Credit: Davis Muscroft  / Rex

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